Trouble Ahead

  • Are you frustrated with the growing income inequalities?

  • Are you disturbed by failing school systems?

  • Do you (or does someone you know) have more student debt than they can pay back before the age of 50?

  • Are you angry about rusting bridges, lead in water pipes, potholes on your streets, and the general lack of attention to maintaining physical infrastructure?

  • Are you worried about contaminated and ever more highly processed foods?

  • Does our economy seem to be rigged so that the rich get richer while everyone else sees their incomes stagnate or decline?

  • Are you afraid of the growing divide between the police and the community in which you live?

  • Do you feel that you have virtually no control over corporate decisions that affect you?

Anyone who watches the news on television, listens on the radio, reads the newspapers and news magazines or surfs the web, knows that something is seriously wrong in our nation and much of the world. Across the political spectrum, the proposed solutions to these problems include forming new markets, enhancing competition, reducing the size of government, promoting greater choice, enhancing economic growth and promoting national security.

But what if these proposed solutions were actually the source of many of our problems? What if previously widely accepted and  taken-for-granted perspectives and modes of action turned out to be no longer useful? Put differently, what if these approaches to action upon which our society is based — what I call myths below — were in need of serious revision and even replacement?

On this site I argue that we are all victims of approaches to action that have worked all too well in the past but that no longer work today (or no longer work as needed or expected). In addition, I propose alternatives that involve significant rearranging of the conventional political landscape, thereby securing America’s future — a future that is now in jeopardy. My position is described in greater detail in a full length freely downloadable book available on this site. Please read on or click here to get the book.

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